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"Reborn" Book by Nathalie Koah


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This book does not return to the story you already know and on which I expressed myself enough. He does not portray a woman who has become perfect and without reproach after the errors of her youth. He gives no lesson of any kind. I do not have the answer to everything. To be honest, I probably do not have the definitive answer to anything.

He has only one ambition: to share the life after. The one who saw the girl that I was turning into a mother. The one who saw the subsidized woman turn into a businesswoman. That which was built on past experiences, but looks forward.

By closing it, you will not have the key to a successful life, but I hope you will find some strength and energy. Those that allowed me to no longer be ashamed of who I was, to succeed, and to present myself today, in front of you, happy, fulfilled.

Proud of what I have become.

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