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Hookah Shisha Electronique

Equipped with a remote control, the SHISHA ELECTRONIQUE HOOKAH or e-chicha is a new innovation and undoubtedly the new vaping trend of the moment. More imposing and tastier than the electronic cigarette, more mobile than a classic hookah, the electronic hookah has become a must-have for the most assiduous vapers. An experience that you can now discover on @ yema.cm facebook or instagram through videos demonstrating the exits of a big puff of smoke for an instant pleasure with tasty aromas.

25 000 FCFA
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Form: Gift box

Techniques: Frosted

Equipment: Plastic, Plastic Colors: Blue, red, green, black, pink.

Product Name: Shisha hookah

Feature: Ecological

Application: Smoking Shisha

Minimum order quantity: 01 set

Cut: 22 * 15.5 * 5.4cm

Accessories: Steam hookah

Package: 1 set / box

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